About Marvelous

Hey, I am Diana, owner and creator of Marvelous Studio and Marvelous Lifestyle Blog. I am so pleased you found me!

My interests lay in art, interior design, vegan food, crafts and beauty. I am a curious person and happiest in nature. I am passionate about our planet and sustainability. I love being healthy and fit.

Last year I have started my journey as a vegan and I am so happy that I have made this shift. I feel so much better, my life changed in a better way and I am going to share some tips with you on the Marvelous Lifestyle Blog.

Marvelous Studio is a passion project of my creativity. Being an UK based artist, I am often attending parks, national parks and beautiful gardens! The Studio is mostly inspired by nature, beautiful seasonal blooming flowers and gorgeous sunsets that I’ve seen on top of mountains, on the beaches or on the lakes.

I find my art fun, chill, happy, relaxed, but it is also bold, cheerful and colourful.

Marvelous Lifestyle Blog is more than just the art. Is about food, crafting, beauty, healthy lifestyle, books and travel. All I write is from my heart and I do everything in my power to capture that and make you see and feel the same.


All products are made in the United Kingdom and sold in the United Kingdom. We do everything in our power to ship them fast to you so you can enjoy your product.